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Controlling document publication
In addition to document sharing, this system allows you to publish your document(s) online so that authorised third parties, who have been vetted by University of Sheffield, can search for your documents online and authenticate them. Document publication is subject to the policy of University of Sheffield. As a result, some documents may permit publication whilst others may not.

Document publication is different to document sharing. Document sharing enables you to share your document using a specific URL that can be distributed to third parties for verification. Document publication, however, allows you to make your documents visible so that they appear during searches conducted by authorised third parties that have been vetted by University of Sheffield. Document publication gives you less fine-grained control, as you can only choose to make a document visible or invisible during searches. You cannot control who can see your document during searches.

To control document publication, click on the sharing top-level menu item, and select control document publication. Instructions will be displayed to guide you through the process. You may use this option to publish documents online, or to "unpublish" documents so that they are no longer visible during searches by vetted third parties.
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